PSL 2020 Venues Details – PSL 5

PSL is expanding all around the country and the PSL 2020 venues details suggest 2 new hosts. Multan and Rawalpindi will have the privilege of hosting a handful of matches during the PSL 2020. This will mark a new chapter in Pakistan Cricket as international players make their way to all venues across Pakistan. For starter Multan and Rawalpindi are given a moderate number of matches. As their progress is noted further decisions can be made in the future.

Multan is famous for hosting many international events in the past with the famous Pakistan and India series. But as Cricket and other international events took an exit from Pakistan. The stadiums were left abandoned for a long time. This hurts the overall enthusiasm of the sports fans. As their longing for any sports event came to a halt. Also, Check the PSL Schedule 2020.

psl 2020 venue details

PSL 2020 Venues Details

The fans of Multan Sultans are over excited to see their team in action in the home ground. Along with these as new venues open for operation, new teams are also well on their way. This can be a huge game-changer for Pakistan as the hype of Cricket increases and the event grows even bigger. These are when there are security reasons but the expected venue is Pakistan.

  • Dubai

  • Abu Dubai

  • Sharjah

  • Lahore

  • Karachi

Multan has a proven track record of hosting international events. But the void in the past decade may have made it soft. So PSL 2020 venue details include an avid chance for Multan to make itself known again. As the handful of matches conclude successfully Multan can certainly hope to host more matches in the future. In addition, the chances of it hosting some major events like semi-finals or even finals are good. Also, check the PSL 2020 Points Table.

The World-Class Rawalpindi Stadium

The Rawalpindi stadium is one of the most underrated venues in Pakistan. This is mainly due to the lack of international events that have occurred during the past 10-15 years. So, with the return of Cricket, the Rawalpindi stadium is also looking to gain some fame as well. Moreover, as the response from the fans is noted the rumors suggest that a new team can also emerge.

With just a handful of matches scheduled for Rawalpindi, for now, rumors are spreading about a seventh team. So, the enthusiasm of Cricket fans, in general, is astounding. So, adding this to the list PSL 5 is well on its way to become the biggest event in Pakistan’s history.

Security for the PSL 2020 Venues

PSL 2020 venue details are keeping the security under confidential control. But as seen with the Siri Lankan team the security will be on high alert. Although it will not be as extreme as Siri Lanka’s visit a clear resemblance of the security details can occur.

Some experts are seeing it as an unnecessary precaution but with recent events, it is mandatory. As the success of PSL 5 is of utmost importance to Pakistan. This can mean the return of cricket and other international event or another decade of deprivation. So, Pakistan is all in to make this event a huge success for there is no other option.

Although the security given to Siri Lanka was on a presidential level. While PSL will receive something s bit lower than that. So, fans can rest easy as the path will not be under any lockdown during PSL 2020. As the PSL 2020 venue details suggest minor block just a few feet away will be in motion. Plus, the matches being is such a huge divide across four venues will mean just temporary checks.

So, the security planning for PSL 5 is keeping fans’ convenience in mind as well. Therefore, expect a better reception is stadium around Pakistan along with a very minor inconvenience. This year the PSL 2020 is focusing only on their fans as the success of the event depends on the turnover of the stadiums.

Traffic Details for Lahore and Karachi

People of Lahore and Karachi have concerns regarding the traffic routes during PSL 5. As the PSL 2020 venue, details place Lahore on top of the hosting category. In addition, during the Siri Lanka T20 matches the entire area was under lockdown for three days. Qaddafi Stadium is located between Canal and Kalma Chowk making it one of the main arteries of Lahore city.

Therefore, the closure of this section puts thousands of people under inconvenience. Especially the working class that has to cover miles to reach their workplace and then home. So, keeping this in mind new travel routes will be in practice by the traffic. This will mean a better flow throughout the city.

To make this possible the services of Traffic wardens are essential. During the event, hundreds of wardens will be on duty throughout the city. Only time will tell if this proves to be beneficial for the residents of Lahore or not. As the future of PSL in Pakistan depends on it.

Furthermore, similar traffic plans are in motion for the PSL 2020 venue details. As the officials of the PSL 2020 are in contact with the authorities to make this event successful.

Hopes and Expectations

There are so many things that can go wrong, while so many things that can go right as well. This is a make-it or break-it moment for Pakistan as it seeks to prove our worth for hosting mega-events. As we handle PSL 2020 venues details successfully the cloud of doubts will clear. Plus, the international media will start to recognize our importance in the Asian Continent.

Updated: February 14, 2020 — 6:57 pm

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