PSL 2020 Points Table List – PSL 5

PSL is dominated by three high-class teams and the PSL 2020 points table list is also expecting to remain constant. So, teams such as Lahore Qalandars, Multan Sultans and Karachi Kings are still to remain in the bottom.  Some minor tweaks and turns are sure to occur but nothing too drastic is going to occur during PSL 5. Experts are betting on Peshawar Zalmi to win and attain their second title. While Islamabad United is also in talks to win for the third time.

Unfortunately, things are not looking good for Quetta Gladiators who are the current champions. This is mostly due to the controversies around their captain Sarfraz Ahmad. Sarfaraz has recently lost his captaincy in the national team and his performance for the last year has been poor. So, experts believe that Sarfraz will not be able to lead the team towards another victory.

PSL points table 2020

PSL 2020 Points Table List

Although many experts are playing it safe to keep on the three winning teams. A few exceptions are placing high hope on the underdogs of the series. As the underdogs like Lahore, Karachi, and Multan are hungry for a win. Some experts believe they are going to give a surprise performance in PSL 2020. Also, see the PSL Schedule 2020

Similarly, as unpredictable as Cricket is the PSL 2020 points table list can show major changes. Rumors are circulating about the underdogs looking to make major changes to their team. As Pakistan is looking to attract more international players the ranks are going to show some subtle changes.

Lahore Qalandars doubly have the most enthusiastic fans and was the favorite to win the first PSL as well. Unfortunately, Lahore Qalandars is stuck at the bottom of the points table. So, this year the officials are looking to make many key changes to the roster of Lahore Qalandars. In order for them to reach the top of the scoreboard.

Just like this other bottom dwellers are also looking to make some key changes to their strategy. This includes the acquisition of new players with more diamond and platinum category. While a change in their style of cricket as well.

1Quetta Gladiators200000
2Peshawar Zamli200000
3Islamabad United300000
4Karachi Kings100000
5Multan Sultans400000
6Lahore Qalandars300000

The Recollection of the PSL 2019 Points Table

To make a better prediction of the PSL 2020 points table list. We need to see the PSL 2019 points table again. As for last year, Quetta Gladiators won its first championship under the captaincy of Sarfraz Ahmad. They have seven wins and three losses under their belt with the title of the PSL 2019 champions.

Gladiators are going to defend their title during the PSL 2020.  While their toughest competition is going to be Peshawar Zalmi who are hands down the most praiseworthy team of PSL so far. If Quetta Gladiators are able to defend their title against other teams, they will make history. As no team has won the title in two consecutive years.

Islamabad United

Islamabad United is also a strong competitor for Quetta Gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi. As they have won the title twice beating both Zalmi and Gladiators. This year Islamabad United is looking to make their third win. Making them the most successful team in the PSL 2020 points table list.

The main strength of Islamabad United is the overall balance of its players. As new players arrive in the rosters during the PSL 2020 draft dates. United will get a chance to add new players to their ranks making them more diverse. Check all the Islamabad united squad 2020.

Peshawar Zalmi

The Peshawar Zalmi are the most famous team in PSL and their Captain Darren Sammy a fan favorite. Zalmi is a consistent performer and even though they lost the PSL 2019. They stood on top of the scoreboard with seven wins and three loses plus a better net run rate. This makes them the number one team during the PSL 2019.  

So, expectations are high during PSL 2020 as Peshawar Zalmi is the most favorite to win. This will help them maintain their top position on the PSL 2020 points table list. While making them the two times champion of PSL.

No More Saving Grace for Lahore Qalandars

Lahore, Multan, and Karachi were able to save themselves due to the fan’s enthusiasm for PSL. As fans are placing focus on the return of cricket more than who wins or loses. But as PSL 5 is going to conduct all of its matches in Pakistan this will not work this time. Fans are now expecting wins from their favorite teams and no one is going to cut them any slack.

From now on teams have to stay on top of the PSL 2020 points table list. Otherwise, the fans are going to lash at them for any poor performance. This is the last chance for Lahore Qalandars to rise in the ranks otherwise they will lose fan’s favor. As the fans of Qalandars are always behind their team and are showing great admiration. Also, see the PSL 2020 Teams.

Therefore, a win after four years is a well-deserving one. As Mr. Fawad Rana is appreciated for his services to Pakistan Cricket and PSL. Fans wish for him to make some harsh decision to score their first win. Lahore Qalandars are good performers but it is the win that counts in the end.

As the Qalandars came in Dead last during PSL 2019 as they won three games and lost seven. Multan Sultans was able to save itself from the last position by displaying a better performance. So, Lahore Qalandars has some major amends to make as it hopes for a comeback.

Prediction on the Points Table

The predictions for the PSL 2020 points table list suggest Peshawar Zalmi at the top. With Islamabad United in the second position, while Karachi or Quetta at the third and fourth respectively. Unfortunately, Sultans are going to be in the dead last next year with Lahore Qalandars as the second last.

These are just speculations based on their prior performance during the past 4 tournaments. So, some major upsets are expected during the PSL 2020. Hopefully, every team is able to showcase their best performance. That will help elevate each of them though the PSL 2020 points table list. Making Cricket return to Pakistan with a huge bang.

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