PSL 2020 Grounds Schedule & Time Table – PSL 5

PSL 2020 grounds schedule is close to its release with the draft date in November. As this year two new venue Multan and Rawalpindi are in line to host PSL 2020. Lahore and Karachi are expecting to get the lion share of the hosting rights. As both of them have proven track records. While Multan and Rawalpindi are going to run their trial this year and get an equal share in the next PSL. So, fans in Multan and Rawalpindi do not have to keep their excitement in for long.

PSL 2020 start date suggests that PSL 5 is going to take place in February. Although the dates are subjective to changes the overall time frame will remain the same. So according to this, we will get the finals of PSL 2020 around 20th to 22nd of March. Just before the defense day of Pakistan to ensure no broadcasting clashes. Also, Check PSL Overall Schedule 2020.

PSL 2020 Ground Schedule

PSL 2020 Ground Schedule

As the rumors suggest that Multan and Rawalpindi are going to be the active hosts during PSL. So, the PSL 2020 grounds schedule is well on its way to completion. Many sources claim that preparations are already beginning in the Multan stadium to make it ready for the crowd. Whereas Rawalpindi cricket stadium is also going through renovations.

Therefore, the excitement of the fans is unparallel as cricket finally makes a stop in their land. Before this international cricket seldom made an appearance in Pakistan. While due to security risks only Lahore and Karachi were considered safe for such events.

But not anymore, as Multan and Rawalpindi host their first international matches in decades. Fans are already in full hospitable mood to welcome their guests. Multan is the most enthusiastic of them both as they have a team participating in PSL 5. Sultans are now under the Tareen family who are quite popular in Multan.

Therefore, adding the hosting rights to this engagement is just icing on the cake. As fans in Multan will not have to travel to Lahore or Karachi to see their team in action. If the PSL 2020 grounds schedule is successfully put through then Multan will receive an even larger share next year. So, things are looking good for Multan right now.

PSL 2020 Time Table 

Rawalpindi, on the other hand, is the talk of the town as there is a rumor circulating it. Many fans believe that it is about time a new team appears on the PSL 2020. Rawalpindi is the perfect candidate for these speculations as it is on its way to hosting right now. So, the news about the PSL 2020 time table falls just in line with the fan’s speculation about a secret seventh team.

So, with this in mind, many fans are treating the PSL 2020 grounds schedule as a fake for now. According to them, the real PSL 2020 grounds schedule is going to release sometimes after the drafting ceremony. Some may see this as just mere speculation but the number of following these theories has is mind-blowing.

Experts are also running recheck to ensure that they are not missing out on any leaks and rumors about PSL 5. So, for now, no one is certain about the actual magnitude of the event that is going to take place. Many sports analysts believe that there is no seventh team as such an event is occurring in Pakistan for the first time.

Therefore, adding a new team or a pseudo-PSL 2020 grounds schedule is just too much work. So, they believe that the press release is final and this is how the event is going to take place. But as PSL itself is new to Pakistan as it mostly took place in UAE. So, an out of the box idea is completely possible by the officials.

The Safe Bet for Pakistan

It is a safe bet for Pakistan to keep the same number of teams and prepare for the PSL 2020. As from the series of Siri Lanka one thing is certain that the security details have to remain on the highest. So, with the increase in venue for the PSL 2020 matches adding a new team can throw the preparations off their track.

Pakistan is making itself hospitable for international cricket after a decade. While the turmoil with India is also a ticking time bomb for Pakistan. So, keeping a safe PSL 2020 grounds schedule is the key to perfect security. As cricket makes a successful comeback to Pakistan, a new adventure for more teams is certainly possible.

So, keeping things in line with the PSL 2020 grounds schedule in motion. Multan and Rawalpindi are going to host their first international match in decades. This will increase their chances of a bigger share next year. In addition, will allow the officials to see the response from fans in this area. Then a stable decision can be made regarding the seventh team from Rawalpindi.

Rawalpindi’s Chances for Making it as the Seventh Team in PSL 2021

The title of Bahadur and Malang is open for the taking. So, we may see a Rawalpindi Bahadurs or Rawalpindi Malang in action during PSL 2021. Although the wait is not too long the event if the seventh team comes next year. But like many fans, our expectations are also on PSL 5 to miraculously announce the seventh team participating this year.PSL Teams 2020 Updated.

Nonetheless, any addition to the PSL family is welcome by all fans. As we all have high hopes for the PSL 2020 grounds schedule to end in great success. Hopefully, more chances will appear for other cities to host these events. We wish to throw in our hat for Chiniot Cheetahs in the near future.

Updated: February 14, 2020 — 6:58 pm

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