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After the announcement of the Pakistan Super League, fans are eagerly waiting for the PSL 2020 draft date. The fifth installment of the PSL franchise is expecting to hit it big by conducting it entirely in Pakistan. So, the fans are over-excited to see one of the biggest events unfold in front of their eyes. The PSL 2020 player list will include some of the biggest names of Cricket, along with some fresh new talent.

Everyone is aware of the love Pakistani fans have for cricket but the last decade of deprivation had left the stadiums empty. As Pakistan Super League was announced for the first-time fans were excited to see the return of Cricket. Sadly, many international players refused to come to Pakistan and the entire series took place in UAE. Also, check the PSL Schedule 2020.

PSL 2020 draft date

PSL 2020 Draft Date

The PSL 2020 draft date is set to be around 20-22nd of November and confirmation from the officials is expected soon. Changes are occurring in the contracts of the players as well with some special clauses. These clauses will make it compulsory for the players to play in Pakistan. So, unlike previous years the PSL 2020 teams will be at their best.

The current champions Quetta Gladiators are expecting new additions to their team. But since they are the defending champions the majority of their roster will remain the same. Some sources claim that Quetta Gladiators are looking to increase their bowling strength. So, fans can expect some world-class bowlers to be in rumors near the PSL 2020 draft date.

As PSL Teams 2020 is on a T20 format, so many teams are expecting to increase their batting strength. As previous years show that teams with the best batting line up go to a much higher rank. So, following this, the bottom dwellers are looking to add more strength to their batting line up.

The PSL 2020 player list for Lahore Qalandars is sure to include some big names. As the fans of Lahore Qalandars are desperately waiting for a win. So, this year they are going to try their best to line up some of the best batsmen on the planet. But other teams are also looking for some serious power-houses which will cement their victory.

PSL 2020 Player List

Many big names like Sammy, Pollard, Bravo, and Watson will make a return to their respective teams. Some players whose contract is expiring may opt for some new colors as well. Many shifts will not occur in the top teams during PSL 5 as they are in a good balance. Hence, the majority of the players from these teams will remain in their previous positions.

Teams like Peshawar Zalmi, Quetta Gladiators, and Islamabad United are well in form. They are expecting to make minimum changes to their rosters during the PSL 2020 draft date. While the bottom tiers with Multan Sultans, Karachi Kings, and Lahore Qalandars will showcase the majority of the changes. As these three teams are unable to win even a single title. So, they have to make a new winning strategy.

PSL local Players list 2020

Moreover, some trade-offs are in planning for many players belonging to the gold and silver categories. Rumors suggest that Ahmed Shahzad and Umer Akmal will be on the trade-off list. Although both of them have been consistent performers in the PSL. But their social infamy is a bit off-putting for many fans. This serves as the main reason for a decrease in their value during the PSL 2020 draft date.

But nothing is yet confirmed and all this talk is based on rumors and speculations. A certain answer will be found only after the PSL 5 2020 draft date. As the shuffle of players and the inclusion of new ones will be able to give us a better understanding. In addition, as the teams display their line ups, a clear deduction of their strategy can be made.

Predictions for the PSL 2020 Draft Date

Many names form the Bangladesh Cricket team will appear in the PSL 2020 draft date. As their relationship with the IPL is under fire due to payment cut-offs. Although the Bangladesh team is often busy in their own league occurring around the same time. This year the BPL will end a few weeks before the PSL 2020 begins. Making this the perfect opportunity to sign up on PSL 2020.

Shakib Ul Hassan has been quite open to his feud with the Indian Premier League. As Shakib believes that the Bengali players are not getting their due share from the IPL. The majority of their players remain in silver and gold categories with only a few reaching diamond and Platinum. In addition, Shakib argues that the PayScale for them is also not fair as they receive fewer fees as compared to other foreign crickets.

The expert believes that Sahkib’s open discussion about the misconduct of the IPL will lead him to shallow waters. This will have a negative impact on the entire Bangladesh team when it comes to the IPL 2020 player drafts. IPL is merciless in its policies and players that raise any eyebrows have to face the consequences. So, just like Pakistan, Bangladesh is next on the list of the IPL officials.

PSL to the Rescue

Thankfully India’s loss is Pakistan’s gain and many rumors suggest that Bangladesh will turn towards PSL now. So, welcoming their old friends Pakistan is sure to take the initiative and recruit some Bengali players. Hopefully Shakib ul Hassan and Mushfiq ur Rehman will appear in the PSL 2020 draft players list.

In addition, Pakistan will be able to offer fair categorization to the Bangladesh players. This way during the PSL 2020 Draft Date star performers will be able to make it into diamond and Platinum categories.

Apart from Bangladesh, Siri Lanka is also looking to add to the ranks of the PSL 2020 teams. As many players are in contact with the officials to make it into the roster. So, the PSL 2020 draft date is on its way to bring in some new surprises for the fans. One thing is certain, that the PSL 2020 is going to be the biggest event in the history of Pakistan.

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