Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2020 – PSL 5 Squad

Peshawar Zalmi squad 2020 is by far the most dangerous in the entire PSL. They have aggression, techniques, talent, and experience, which makes them regular at PSL finals. Zalmi is a fan favorite, and some of the biggest stars in Pakistan show their support for it. Peshawar Zalmi has made it into the finals three times, winning it once. But their most amazing feat is their number one position on the scoreboard.
Even though Peshawar Zalmi lost last year to Quetta Gladiators, but still, they were able to maintain their lead on the scoreboard due to the net run rate. This is enough to tell you that Peshawar Zalmi is hard hitters. Their 2019 squad was a bit unorthodox with some unique names like Jamal Anwar, Nabi Gul, and Sohaib Maqsood.

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Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2020

Peshawar Zalmi squad 2020 dominates the field with their batting. But their bowling attack is not something to be taken lightly. For starters, they have Hassan Ali, who is well known for his aggression. His speed and technique are a bit rough, but they are enough to get the job done.

Peshawar Zalmi Owner 2020


Ali Khan Tareen and Taimoor Malik is the owner of this wonderful team.


Peshawar Zalmi Batsmen 2020

1. Misbah-ul-Haq
2. Nabi Gul
3. Shoaib Maqsood
4. Umar Amin
5. Kamran Akmal
6. Jamal Anwar
7. Samiullah

Peshawar Zalmi Bowlers 2020

1) Wahab Riaz
2) Hassan Ali
3) Umaid Asif
4) Sameen Gul
5) Ibtisam Sheikh

Peshawar Zalmi Captain 2020


The current captain of Peshawar Zulmi is Darren Sammy.


Peshawar Zalmi Coach 2020


The head coach is Muhammad Akram. The batting Coaches are Saqlain Mushtaq and Younis Khan.


Peshawar Zalmi Overseas Players

1) Dawid Malan
2) Wayne Madsen
3) Liam Dawson
4) Keirn Pollard
5) Darren Sammy
6) Chris Jordan
7) Andre Fletcher

While for complete domination of the field, they have Wahab Riaz. Wahab is hand down the most dangerous bowler Pakistan has ever produced. His skill and technique are all world-class as the fans have seen his unparallel performance in the previous World Cups. Above all, Wahab Riaz’s most dangerous weapon is his tenacity to keep moving forward.

Therefore, he is rarely taken up by a bad spell and keeps an acute focus. This makes Peshawar Zalmi very dangerous on the field as they have hard hitters and able wicket-takers. So, any mistake in front of them can cost you the match. Quetta and Islamabad know this fairly wee as they have faced the Zalmi on the battlefield. Also, check the Lahore Qalandars Squad 2020.

Minor Tweaks and Turns

Peshawar Zalmi squad 2020 is going to display some minor tweaks this year. But the majority of its squad will retain its position. Peshawar can maintain an adept balance. So, they have room to rotate their emerging and supplementary players. This will bring some fresh new blood to their ranks and improve their team further.
Javaid Afridi, the owner of Peshawar Zalmi, has a great vision for his team. Besides, with his brilliant mind and team, he can expand their reach across Pakistan. This is one of the main reasons that Peshawar Zalmi was the most active team in a digital advertisement last year. Moreover, Darren Sammy, the captain of Peshawar Zalmi, is probably the most admirable international player in PSL 2019.
Whereas, other international players refused to come to Pakistan. Darren Sammy, among other few, came here without any fear. This was enough to win the hearts of the crowd as they could not stop but admire his courage. But courage was not enough to take Peshawar Zalmi to the top as they lost to Quetta Gladiators. Also, check the PSL Schedule 2020.

The Devastating Loss of PSL 2019

Peshawar Zalmi squad 2020 is looking to repay the Quetta Gladiators for their defeat in 2019. But the thing that hurt Zalmi the most was that this loss was their own doing. As they could have won the match easily but pride got the better of them. It was their overconfidence that took them down in the end.
As Peshawar Zalmi was aiming to win during 2019 and their record was enough to support them. Peshawar Zalmi was strong and confident that they are going to win without any hassle. But luck was not on their side, and the first three wickets fell relatively early. This shook them hard, and they were not able to pick themselves up.
Consequently, Peshawar Zalmi was not able to put up a fighting total and lost the match. They are making Quetta Gladiators win their first championship. This loss was devastating for Peshawar Zalmi, but the fans were quick to forgive them. But Peshawar Zalmi remembers their loss, and it hurt them even more, to remember that their pride got the best of them.
So, Peshawar Zalmi has two enemies to beat this year. One is Quetta Gladiators, and the other is their overconfidence as they are probably the strongest team in PSL right now with a proper understanding of their CricketCricket. So, Peshawar Zalmi squad 2020 has to keep their core in check to keep their style intact.

But this makes them prone to over-confidence as they can dominate the fields easily. So, Peshawar Zalmi squad 2020 has to learn some lessons from their loss in 2019. Plus, they have to display a better brand of CricketCricket to their fans.


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