Pakistan Super League History from 2015 to 2020

So after covering all the things many people don’t know about the PSL history so what we can do we are going to discuss the Pakistan super league history. The PCB made Pakistan super league on 9 September 2015 in Lahore. So, the PSL suns between February and March. Each of the organizations the PSL plays the double robin cricket format. Also, the Pakistan cricket board that is present in Lahore.

From the birth date to now there is a total of 4 seasons that the PCB made PSL played from 2015 to 2019. Now the upcoming PSL season 5 is coming that is tarts from February 20, 2020. The main thing is that as per the total 4 seasons there are huge fans of Pakistan super league. furthermore, fans are excited every year and waiting for the next series because of the whole Pakistani youngsters and the youth.

PSL history

Season 1

So the PSL season 1 is played in Dubai in 2015 due to the security reason and the crises of Pakistan. After the completion of season 1, there is a number of participants and the cricket lovers’ communities have started to take an interest in this series. So PCB continues this series every year and now season 5 is coming.

Next 3 Seasons

So, after the first season is completed then after the year there is another season is came season 2. For every year PCB arranged this series and the main contributor is the HBL that organized this season. In addition, all the other 3 seasons are played in Pakistan.

Honestly speaking, As the PCB and HBL are from Pakistan then these series belong to Pakistan only so all the upcoming next seasons that will be played in Pakistan only.

Basically, the total number of the season is 4 and now 5th is coming so this is the PSL history from 2015 to 2019.

Season 5

Noe the time is coming so after a few days the season 5 is gonna be the start. We are provided each and every detail of PSL schedule 2020 and the PSL teams 2020 or the other so you are not worried we provided everything.

psl schedule 2020

All of the PSL histories are explained from 2015 to now. There are also many other PSL histories like the PSL all the team’s history and the Draft information. However, we are only providing the history related material. Furthermore, you can find other PSL details by seeing the next articles.

This Year Season 5 is coming and just a few days are left so ready for the hottest event. Analytically Speaking I analyzed that this time Lahore qalandar will be a win. There are many sources available in which they do not explain all the stuff related to PSL. In addition, we provided every detail and now we also provide every match details and the predictions also.

The Important stuff is that we are gonna cover all the teams’ history in our other article. So, You will be updated for every news, predictions and the details about Pakistan super league.

In Season 5 More than million’s cricket fans can be booked their tickets already. So we will provide the source where you can buy tickets easily.


Updated: February 14, 2020 — 6:56 pm