Multan Sultans Squad 2020 – PSL 5 Squad

Multan Sultans squad 2020 is going to feature many key changes. As the team was barely able to save itself from the bottom in 2019. The Sultans are a fairly young team when it comes to PSL but they have a commendable roster. With the great Shahid Afridi in their ranks, the team of Multan was thinking to bag a win last year. But as we all saw such did not come to pass.

The Sultans took part in the PSL during its third season and so far, they are they youngers team in PSL. The team is currently under the ownership of Ali khan Tareen who bought it to represent his homeland. The Sultans are good performers but so far, they lack the spark that takes you to the next level. This might mainly be due to its young perception and juggling ownerships.

Multan sultan squad 2020

The Multan Sultans Squad 2020

Shoaib Malik is under a lot of fire due to his poor performance during the World Cup. Along with him, the captain of Quetta Gladiators Sarfraz Ahmad is also falling from grace. Due to this, the chances for their dismissal are a bit noticeable. As the World Cup 2019 is over, many players are declaring their retirement from the sport. Also, check its Schedule 2020

Multan Sultans Owner 2020


Ali Khan Tareen and Taimoor Malik is the owner of this wonderful team.


Multan Sultans Batsmen 2020

  • Shah Masood
  • Ali Shafiq
  • Umair Siddiq
  • Shakeel Ansar

Multan Sultans Bowlers


  • Junaid Khan
  • Muhammad irfan
  • Mohammad Abbas
  • Muhammad Irfan Khan

Multan Sultans Captain 2020


This team current captain is  Mr. Shoaib Malik.


Multan Sultans Coach 2020


The head coach is Tom Moody.


Multan Sultans Overseas Players

  • Andre Russel
  • James Vince
  • Nicholas Porras
  • Laurie Evans
  • Ali Shafiq
  • Dan Christian

So, some of the players may not make it to the Multan Sultans squad 2020. The noticeable Pakistani players that may not make it this year include. Junaid Khan, Mohammad Irfan, Shoaib Malik, and Shahid Afridi. These players have some issues with the PCB that may stop them from participating in PSL 5.

Other teams are also in line to suffer the same as the Multan Sultans squad 2020. As their squads will also see many changes due to the twists and turns in the game. Along with this, not everyone is willing to play the entire series in Pakistan. Due to which some key name is not going to appear in PSL 2020.

Multan Sultans The New Strategy

Some sources claim that the Multan Sultans squad 2020 is going to work on its bowling strength. As the squad is good at batting but falls short in bowling every now and then. Junaid and Irfan form a great battery but with so much time in the game, they are becoming predictable.Also Check PSL 2020 Teams

Shahid Afridi, on the other hand, is more like a hit or miss kind of person. If he hits then the match is won, but if he does not then the rest is on the squad. Multan Sultans are struggling to make their mark on PSL. So, to do this they have to come up with a better strategy.

A more aggressive form of cricket will suit them better and following this, the officials are making plans. Multan Sultans squad 2020 is going to add some key players from the diamond and gold category. The details for which are not yet clear, but their preference is towards bowlers this year.

So, fans of Multan Sultans are going to see them in a new light. As the strategy of officials pays off then Sultans can finally win this tournament. But it is better said than done, as Sultans are not the only ones that are hungry for a win this year. Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings are also looking to improve their ranking as they sit at the bottom as well.

Multan Sultans Fight for the Might

Lahore Qalandars are the Kings of the Bottom Dweller but their experience and fan following are well enough. As any underdog is on the scale to win the PSL 2020 then it is Lahore Qalandars, as Qalandars are quite unpredictable. As Multan Sultans squad 2020 is going to feature a shift on bowling. Lahore already has a good team with quite a commendable balance.

The only thing Lahore Qalandars lack is the fire to win. But that may not be an issue this year, as this would be the 5th year they are going to participate and as they say fifth is the charm. So, the Qalandars are marked by many as the underdog team that can swoop the PSL 5 this year.

If such a thing is remotely true then this marks for trouble for Multan Sultans. As Lahore makes a win this year that will put Sultans at the bottom of the point list. Sultans were able to avoid the bottom position by a hair’s length and came in 5th out of 6 teams. Therefore, losing any ground to Lahore will put the team in jeopardy.

Similarly, Multan Sultans are already quite peril due to their performance. One bad game can lead them into shallow waters with the fans. Fans are enthusiastic about getting their own team but no one is patient enough to watch them sit at the bottom. So, Sultans have to take a stand if they seek to win big this year.

Multan Sultans The Batting Strength

The Multan Sultans squad 2020 is going to make some minor changes in their batting line up. Although they are performing well in the batting category still the squad is in an unpredictable zone. So, to ensure that their batting strength becomes reliable some consistent performers are going to rise in ranks.

Experts suggest Multan invest in the emerging stars more as there are many consistent batsmen in this category. As Pakistan is the land of fast bowlers, it has always lacked that batting prowess. Although players like Afridi, Sarfraz, Imad, Imam, and Babar are able to fill in the gap. But none of them are very consistent as of yet.

So, it is not wrong for the Multan Sultans squad 2020 to keep in some international players. As international players are a bit more consistent with their performance. Hopefully, all will be revealed during the PSL 2020 draft date in November. Check Karachi kings squad 2020.

Updated: October 30, 2019 — 12:33 pm

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