Lahore Qalandars Squad 2020 – PSL 5 Squad

The Lahore Qalandars squad 2020 is finally making some key changes to their team to win this year. Qalandars are among the unfortunate teams that are not making it big so far. As they have been unable to make it into the semi-finals even once. So, fans are getting pretty anxious about a win this year. This is the fifth time Lahore in participating in the PSL and this year has to be big for them. Otherwise, the fans may not be as forgiving as they were last year.

Lahore Qalandars is not a bad team by default, but some believe they are unlucky. Many experts believe that the Qalandars are among the most well-balanced teams. But they lack an important element that is hindering their performance. Their team is not able to hold themselves together. Thus, Lahore Qalandars squad 2020 will feature some major changes.

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Lahore Qalandars Squad 2020

The poor professor of cricket Mohammad Hafeez is not able to carry his team to victory. Lahore Qalandars squad 2020 is going to retain his captaincy so far because he is not part of the problem. But this year the team is going to search for this missing piece in the drafting ceremony. As Lahore Qalandars find this missing piece their chances for winning the championship will increase.

Lahore Qalandars Owner 2020


Fawad Rana who is the owner of Qatar Lubricants Company is also the owner of this wonderful team.


Lahore Qalanders Batsmen 2020

  • Fakhar Zaman
  • Agha Salman
  • Sohail Akhtar
  • Harris Sohail
  • Umair Maqsood
  • Gauhar Ali

Lahore Qalanders Bowlers


  • Yasir Shah
  • Rahat Ali
  • Shaheen Afridi
  • Aizaz Cheema
  • Harris Rauf
  • Saad Ali

Lahore Qalanders Captain 2020


Shahid Afridi is the captain of Lahore Qalandars.


Lahore Qalanders Coach 2020


The head coach is Aaqib Javed.

Lahore Qalanders Overseas Players

  • AB DE Villiers
  • Anton Devchich
  • Brendon Taylor
  • Sandeep Lamichhane
  • Carlos Brathwaire
  • Corey Anderson
  • Hardus Viljoen
  • David Wiese

But until then they have to rely on making their team stronger. Otherwise, nothing will lift hem up form the bottom of the scoreboard. Mohammad Hafeez is able to bring the team out of many difficult situations but that has not yielded any results. Every time the team as a whole has to perform, they fall flat. Check The Multan Sultans Squad 2020.

Experts believe that Lahore Qalandars do not have consistent performers in their ranks. So, as they start to lose their wickets, the entire team falls out quickly.  So, making some changes in their batting section can improve their performance. But that is only part of the problem as Qalandars are average in Batting. But their bowling is straight out horrible. So, Lahore Qalandars squad 2020 needs to feature some new bowlers.

Some Bowling Maestro Can Save the Day

Lahore Qalandars squad 2020 needs to find a bowling maestro as their bowling is their biggest flaw. Hafeez and Shaheen do a decent job but when the title is one the line then decent is not enough. As other teams like Zalmi, Gladiators, and United are filled with wicket-takers. Lahore Qalandars is relying on former has-beens.

There is the talk among the Lahore Qalandars officials to take in some new bowlers. Many international players from the diamond and platinum category are expecting to join the PSL. So, Qalandars are going to get a lot of options to choose from in PSL 5. Hopefully, they get the memo and pick out the right kind of players for their team. This way finally Lahore can rise up from the bottom and end up on a better rank.

With a proper balance of batting and bowling, Lahore Qalandars can finally live up to the hype. They have the potential to be the best team in the PSL. So, to realize their potential they need players that can sync with their vision.

A high-class bowler is a good addition to Lahore Qalandars squad 2020. Because his experience will help him settle into the team and keep their vision in check. In addition, a bowler is able to judge other bowlers better depending on the situation. So, a piece of good advice from him can relieve other players from a lot of stress.

Shaheen Shah Afridi, The Ambassador of Lahore Qalandars

Shaheen Afridi is a great talent and the road he has ahead is very long and healthy. But his time with Lahore is providing him with a grim experience as the team faces loss after loss. This can hurt the morale of anyone as it keeps repeating itself for four straight years. Hafeez is a good mentor but he cannot watch the team’s morale at every turn.

Mr. Fawad Rana has taken notice of his team’s condition and has come out with changes in mind. Fans of Lahore Qalandars have nothing but admiration for Mr. Rana for his contribution to PSL. Even though they make memes about him but they are taken by Mr. Rana as a form of flattery. So, with his hopes still up about Lahore Qalandars the team is going to receive some new upgrades.

Lahore Qalandars squad 2020 is going to be a better one with more forces on performance. Since the officials understand that participating in Pakistan requires some fan services. So, unless they hit it big this time, they will lose the favor of their fans. Therefore, winning or scaling up the points table at the very least is necessary.

Qalandars and Sultans

Lahore Qalandars are not alone in their struggle to get to the top. As their new rivals, the Multan Sultans are also in the same boat. Last year Multan Sultans were barely able to make the cut and this year they are making plans to improve. So, it will be exciting to see which of these two teams are able to make it on top of the other teams.

Lahore Qalandars squad 2020 is going to focus on its bowling side. Whereas, Multan Sultans is looking to invest in batting. So, these rivals are going to improve contrasting abilities. It will be nice to see them both scaling up the competition. But Karachi is way ahead of them as it was able to show better performance last year.

Karachi was able to hit it in the middle tying with Islamabad United. So, Multan and Lahore have to catch up fast.

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